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Apley Media's aim is to provide you with the audio recordings you need. Remember no matter the value of the work needed, you are in charge.

To discuss your audio needs, please contact Apley Media either by email at enquiries@apleymedia.com or by telephone on +44 (0)7952 575885 (All content protected under copyright@ apleymedia.com)

Audio Book Production

There are two ways we can produce a video book and if necessary we can help you sell you electronic audio books on line.

1.    Clients pay on a completed recording hourly rate - for every hour of recording completed, the client pays to own all the rights of the completed recorded audio book

2. Clients pay for one full recorded hour up-front only and 20% of the sale price of the book for exclusive sales on Audible, Amazon and iTunes OR 12 ½ % on all sales World Wide on Audible, Amazon and iTunes, plus any other sales on any other audiobook sites World wide. Amazon and iTunes +  any sales of the audio book going forward. 

3. If you are a small publisher or an individual author, we can publish your book with one of our partners where it will be sold on sites such as iTunes, Amazon or Google Play amongst others. We will negotiate a percentage of the sale cost with you and you retain the bulk of the profits from the sales. Please contact Apley Media for further details